Cúl Camp Thank You From Marc Ó Sé
Monday, 20 August 2012 09:12
mark o se newHi, this is Marc Ó Sé, as you know I am the Kellogg's Cúl Camp ambassador for 2012. Since 2nd July I have tried to visit every Cúl Camp in the county. It is very important to encourage the young people, who will be the Kerry players of the future. Even though the weather has been very disappointing this summer, I was delighted with the welcome I received at the various camps. It was great to see the team work between the coaches and the young people attending the camps. The skills you learn at the camps will stand to you later in your playing career.
The coaches told me that, you, the participants were a pleasure to coach. You were always attentive and polite and this reflected well on not only you but on the clubs that you represented. On your behalf I would like to thank the coaches for their good humour in dealing with the bad weather and for the fine coaching session that they gave you.
On my own behalf and behalf of the coaches I would like to thank you for attending the Kellogg's Cúl Camps. I hope you enjoyed them and learned some of the skills of Gaelic Games.
Hopefully, we will meet again in 2013 at the Kellogg's Cúl Camps but perhaps we might need sun screen rather than jackets to protect us from the weather.
Best wishes to all for your forthcoming School Year. Remember three words that will help you improve your skills, Practice, Practice, Practice.